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The repertoire page looks a bit out of date; come on Dave, what are we paying you for? What do you mean we're not?

Comment by Dave
Oh lordy, more nonsensical spam... oh, hang on... Too many weekends recently eaten up by sorting out that complicated gear!

Hi Andy! We keep telling him to get a simple foot pedal - but that wouldn't be Dave. I would imagine if he played keyboards he would have about 8 of them stacked up. Glad you liked Hysteria, it's a career defining moment for me playing that song - even more so than Close to the Edge or RSoG by Yes.

Andy (the ex, not so good singer)

Hey guys Good gig on friday as usual. OMG Hysteria.....Hysteria OMG.....Jon blew me away there!!
Dr. Death maybe a little harsh....harsh but And Dave was at his peak, he always seems most at home waist deep in leads and jacks trying to work out why nothing's coming out of his rig.....the most complicated sound creating device know to man!!!

see at the next one (hopefully)

Comment by Dave
Cheers fella, always good to see you.
Kev (Bexley) TOMCC

Well impressed with your set on Saturday Eve - Compliments from many Rally Go-ers to include myself - Will definitely be seeing and booking again - Thanks Lads -Kev

andy (the ex, not so good singer)

sorry i missed the gig guys, the baby thing has taken over my life!! glad to hear it went well.....i will defo try to make it to the next one.....promise

Comment by Jon
No probs, I've been there so fully understand. The good news is it gets better after the first 6 years

tanxs for enlightning me about the doc from gravesend he is a fantasist and one total shit singer n gutarist anyway fukim any chance ov dooin a gig in or near gravesend myself and a few diehard rockerz wanna ear your stuff cheerz were guna rok til we drop

Comment by Jon
See the gig in Vigo, 26th May, bring a crowd!
Witheld but Dave will find out

Your new drummer looks a bit like Uncle Fester


hi ya dude
told you that chuck fella wouldn't last!!
hope the new bass player's an inprovment on the last one!!LOL
hope to catch you at a gig soon
rock on!


herd u gota new member " the doc" dave pirnie from gravesend he says he wrote "every rose has its thorn" can u or anyone confirm this this "doc" wears a long leather overcoat and a leather hat is this a load of bolloks he also says he jams with you evry week in northfleet someone please telll me asap cheers fellow rockers

Comment by Dave
He must be referring to a different band, as it never went further than one initial get-together last November.

Good to see you guys last night, awsome show as always! The new drummer and singer are the perfect addition to the band, it's as if they've always been there!!

See you guys at the next gig!!

Comment by Dave
Hi Andy, thanks for the kind words. We need to update the web site so's people know who the new drummer and singer are!